Streamlined Online Search

Streamlined Online Search offers a bare-bones, no-frills approach to search that only needs to know one thing…what do you want to search for. There are no complex settings to adjust accounts to log into, points to earn, games to play, doodles to watch, or wallpapers to download. It’s just a simple search box on a plain background and that’s all you really need anyway. The streamlined system is designed to not only give you a clean and easy to use search system, but to also provide you a fast and efficient experience on every device that you use. The results page is clean, basic and easy to read. There are no image, news, maps, or video offerings, just basic search results showing you exactly what you need to find when you need to find it.

Since it’s powered by Google you can always expand your search to other criteria such as images or videos by clicking the link at the bottom of the results if you like.

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Fewer Ads gives you the results that you need with significantly fewer ads and a massive limitation on sponsored links. The results that you get from are simple to understand and sort through so that you can get the information that you need and want without having to deal with a lot of distractions, time wasters, and fluff.

Unfiltered Search

Unlike other search engines give you unfiltered and unadjusted search results for every search you make. There are no agendas, no fancy ranking protocols, and no advertiser-based result placement. With you ask, it answers with no-nonsense, no games, and no delays. It’s a fact, clean, and reliable search that gets you to what you need to know fast.

Now that you know more about why not head over and try it out for yourself. See why everyone is excited about the new search engine that really isn’t a search engine at all, it’s a results engine, because in the end results are the only thing that matter when you search.